Cannabis Oil’s Cultural Impact In NZ

Cannabis continues to be a hot topic in NZ and CBD oil is also a New Zealand favorite. Whether you are pro for it or not, you sure have something to say about it. It has captured the interest of even more people as more states pass laws legalizing the use of medical cannabis. Medical CBD has become a social issue that you’d want to learn more especially if you have existing ailments that can be improved by its use. The growing number of anecdotal proof and testimonials from individuals who have a positive experience with cannabis made cannabis advocates even more adamant in pushing for legislation legalizing cannabis in more states throughout New Zealand.

The current culture near Christchurch really accepts cannabis plants for a lot of reasons.

The culture is extremely open here.

Cannabis was initially widely used recreationally back in the days. It was known as marijuana and a favorite among junkies. As of now, there are about 9 states that have legalized recreational cannabis. This is a major shift from the stigma associated with marijuana use in the past and people’s perception towards it. Looking at the way things are now going, we can only expect the rapid growth of the cannabis market to keep on growing. It comes as no surprise seeing the wide variety of CBD products sold in the market with CBD oil topping the list. If you are new to CBD, it simply stands for cannabidiol and is among the hundreds of compounds you can naturally find in the cannabis also known as the hemp plant. Its popularity is mainly due to its many healing properties. It can help with anxiety, pain, even seizures among children. If you’ve had it with traditional prescription drugs that offered no relief and continue to be a big financial burden to you, this natural remedy is an excellent alternative for all your aches and pains.
hemp oil tincture
We really hope that New Zealand makes their current NZ cannabis & CBD oil laws a lot more relaxed so we can use it more freely.

Cultural norms in this region of the country(near Wellington) mean that most people use hemp openly without fear of punishment.

Cannabis extracts that come from hemp are really good for a variety of conditions that plague kiwis.

You can read the Mayo Clinic’s guide on it to learn more about cannabidiol.

The demand for CBD oil these days only keep growing. Its use can even be customized depending on the carrier oil added to a pure CBD oil extract such as coconut oil. It can be ingested but it is mostly inhaled or vaped. However, since it is quite tricky understanding the legality of medical CBD in the country, it is better to focus first on the state where you are in.

Even if a lot of NZ areas have already passed the legalization of medical cannabis, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. As per the DEA, Schedule 1 drugs are the ones that are, as of the present, are considered of no medical use and has a high possibility of abuse. And this classification isn’t just limited to CBD alone but to the whole cannabis plant.

However, since many consider that we are now in such a confusing period of transition on how we view medical cannabis, some exceptions are made along the way. Epidiolex (which contains CBD) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the medical management of a rather rare form of epilepsy affecting children and was even classified as a Schedule 5 drug, which suggests it has the lowest possibility of being abused or people getting addicted to.

As to its legality, cannabis producers who market CBD oil and other CBD-related products will always point to the 2014 Farm Bill, whose provisions allow hemp to be legally cultivated as long as it belongs to a state pilot program or its purpose is for academic agricultural research. The confusion arises when it comes to selling since it is not stated in the provision whether cultivated cannabis under the 2014 Farm Bill can be legally marketed for public consumption.

So you see, the selling, buying, and use of cannabis products are still considered illegal on the federal level, so you have to check applicable laws governing your state to protect you from any legal problems in the future.

It might not be a good idea to go after CBD oil (whether it is for medical or recreational use) because it is still completely illegal in these places.
new zealand
New Zealand is a great place that has cities like Auckland which love CBD oil.

Sun CBD’s official page provides tons of cannabis products to NZ residents including tinctures and capsules.

There are 10 states that recognize the legality of both medical and recreational cannabis. You won’t have a hard time buying CBD oil in these states as long as you are of legal age. A prescription may also be needed for patients wanting to use CBD oil for medical use. Meanwhile, medical marijuana is legal in 23 states already. Meaning, citizens living in these states are free to take advantage of the many medical benefits CBD oil offers without having to worry of any legal repercussions. When going to a cannabis dispensary, you will be asked for your medical cannabis card. You can get it from your doctor, so pay him/her a visit and mention your intention of including medical CBD in your treatment. Your doctor will determine if your particular condition qualifies to your state’s provisions regarding the use of medical cannabis.

Why Kiwis Are Accepting CBD Oil More In New Zealand

NZ is a great spot where CBD extracts and hemp oil are well-loved by the people.

It is easy to see that the public is starting to see CBD oil in a different light. Especially with medical CBD, a lot of people can now experience real pain relief without spending a fortune on costly painkillers that have negative effects to their health. Nature is capable of healing us if we only know where to look. CBD oil is an excellent way to maximize the healing properties of cannabis without having to worry of you eventually getting hooked to the stuff or your mind becoming a complete mess because you suddenly went doing crazy things like what THC-rich cannabis is capable of doing. It is quite clear now that cannabis isn’t just for recreation. It serves a true medical purpose.

Christchurch and Wellington are two places in New Zealand where kiwis have decided that cannabidiol is simply a major “fan-favorite” and cannot be done without.

Countless anecdotal proofs are being circulated on the web about the power of CBD oil in healing sick people, especially the chronically sick ones. Along with the growing number of clinical studies delving deeper into the merit of CBD as a medical wonder, the success of CBD oil in the field of medicine will soon become a reality. More people can benefit from it in the long run. And as such, the legislators will also realize the value of medical CBD and push for its widespread legalization to ensure everyone who has a need for it has easy access for it all the time.

The current “kiwi culture” in NZ is very accepting of cannabis, cannabinoids, and of course….cannabidiol.

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